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Got a question that only Uncle Snarky can answer?  Send it to unclesnarky@gmail.com

I can’t promise every letter will be answered, but I’ll give it my best shot!

6 comments on “E-Mail Uncle Snarky

  1. Dear Unc,

    You were so very kind to me last June in guest posting of my posts. I’ve been writing and trying, but to no avail. I don’t know what to do. I think being a tech moron has a lot to do with it. I’m lucky if I get two rhttp://thesnarkandi.com/school-daze/eaders a day. Meanwhile, I have some good stuff http://thesnarkandi.com/ahhhh-great-outdoors/ and http://thesnarkandi.com/school-daze/. Where am I going wrong? Any words of advice? Thanks for all your help! I appreciate you taking the time.

    Janet Byrnes

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    • Dear Janet, thank you writing to me! I don’t think you’re doing a darn thing wrong on your site. I read your blog regularly from my mailbox. I’m not sure if that keeps it from showing as being read on your actual blog.

      I find your sense of humor and self-effacing style absolutely charming and entertaining! I love people who make me laugh and/or think. You’ve done both, admirably.

      I say keep on doing what you do and try to network with others as you have with me and your work will prove itself out with increased readership.

      I would not be surprised to find out in the near future that you have developed a cult following and you might even actually make money with your blog one day. Something I will never achieve.

      Give ’em hell!

      Uncle Snarky


      • Janet, one thing I forgot to add. I have a Facebook page which I link directly to my blog. It gives the blog double the exposure, and since so many people are on Facebook, you stand a good chance to pick up more readers simply by their being exposed to your blog.


    • Hello fellow snarker! Thank you so much for your kind words!

      I absolutely do accept guest contributions and love the chance to get to share ideas and humor!

      I’ll be in contact soon!


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