2 comments on “Uncle Snarky Explains It All: In Through The Out Door & Carts

  1. At times I will walk in through the out door just as a tribute to Prince and his Raspberry Beret. It’s also a show of open defiance to the norms of society. But a big issue for me deals with the shopping cart menace. I’ve seen carts left everywhere. Seems like the most convenient place is to leave them in the handicapped parking spots. Why not? It’s not like anyone’s parked there at the time. They’re not likely to park there in the future either because SOMEBODY LEFT THEIR DAMNED SHOPPING CART IN THE HANDICAPPED PARKING SPACE!!! It has to be an extreme situation for me to not kindly return my shopping cart to an appropriate spot. I’ve even gone as far as to mention my shopping cart etiquette during job interviews as a sign of my good character. It hasn’t gotten me any jobs yet, but at least I feel better about myself. Maybe if I start dropping names, like Uncle Snarky, I’ll have a much better shot at my dream job.

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    • Kevin, you are THE MAN! I often shake my head in wonder, or is it disgust, at the assholes who find the handicapped spaces the perfect place to leave their shopping carts.

      These lazy shitheads can’t be troubled to walk the extra 20 feet to put the cart away properly. Instead, they choose to inconvenience others.

      The handicapped are blocked from the spaces assigned for their needs by able-bodied men and women who aren’t worth a bucket of warm piss.

      Big salute to you, my brother, for your strength of character and for making The Snark feel pretty damn groovy about himself!


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